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LA Barrio Roots Street Art Festival is a space for interaction and bi-national expression in which well-known Mexican-American artists, and a generation of young promises get together with the Latino community living in Bell City near Los Angeles, California, to promote Community Mural Painting and Urban Art.

Form, technique, monumentality and especially the themes portrayed in the work of the invited artists are very powerful and convey this powerful message about how this important sector of society feels. These elements are the key to analyze and understand today’s Mexican-American identity. By inviting the community to join in the creative process we hope to promote mural painting among talented young people.

The Mexico-U.S. border’s identity is historically and culturally rich and yet it is rarely understood or appreciated. By promoting this type of festival, we aim to spread this richness as well as all the values represented in this unique artistic expression and to make it available for young people living there.

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-Muralismo Comunitario/Community Muralism

-Fotografía Artística/ Artistic Photography

-Dibujo/ Drawing

-Caligrafía/ Calligraphy

-Diseño de Patinetas/ Skateboard Design